Monday, February 28, 2011

Midcentury preservation

Talk about your perfect storm for losing a piece of architecture! This building on S. State Street has it all: it's in a busy area, it's a retail facade, and it's Midcentury in origin.

133 S. State Street

It's slated to be remodeled into something forgettable. Blair Kamin wrote a an excellent summation of the who, what, why, and why-it-shouldn't.


Anonymous said...

This is a stolen blair kamin article

Robert Powers said...

Thanks, Anon, you're totally right. I've fixed the link.

Sheila Ryan said...

I featured this post (with links and attribution) here on a group blog to which I contribute:

Make me wanna holler. Throw up both my hands.

But thank you for spreading the word.

Sheila Ryan said...

One more thing that steams me about those who have not eyes to see: Not to buy into the Richard Nickel-as-martyr myth (okay, just a little), but did he die in vain documenting and fighting to preserve those "shabby old run-down" Louis Sullivan buildings?

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Oh no, I used to walk by this building every day when I was going to school in the South Loop!