Thursday, December 23, 2010

A brief pause

I try to keep a regular schedule for posting, but with the holidays underway and family obligations pulling me this way and that, I need to take a short break. I'll be back at it come January.

Till then, thanks to everyone who's been reading (and especially those who have been commenting) this year. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have!

In the mean time, have a few older photos that reflect the current weather.

River bridge

Lobby of light

Weather Bell in the weather

Green Line pulling out

Federal Center Plaza and Post Office

From the EL


Karen said...

I love your blog and visit it daily. You're helping me see the city - and my neighborhood - with fresh eyes.

b.c. said...

thanks for a great year and best wishes for 2011


inu said...

Hello and happy new year!
I follow your blog from Brussels (Belgium) and it's fascinating to see the convergences and differences in urbanism and architecture between our cities. For instance, if we look at 1950-60s architecture, it's amazing to see that, even through "modernism", there are really different vernacular styles. We would think that "International style" and widespread communications would have reduce differences but not at all. There are common influences but, even more than the Art Deco 1930s, you can really tell which country you are in.
Also, we can see very similar problems preserving architectural heritage both side of the Atlantic.
By the way, great pictures...