Monday, June 2, 2008

A sign vanishes

Clark at Hollywood/Ridge

This painted sign, for "The Piano Gallerie", is on a building at the huge and busy intersection of Clark and Hollywood. It was one of those things I didn't quite know what to think of, till it vanished. Only a few weeks after these photos, the sign was painted over in solid white.

The Piano Gallerie

I rather miss it. There was a charm to its homespun, minimal budget attempt at elegance.

Clark Furniture

Another distinctive sign may be in danger next door, as Clark Furniture has gigantic "Going Out of Business" signs in the windows. (I've heard reports that they've been "going out of business" for months or years.)

Edit, 7 June 2007: They did indeed close this week, and the sign has been painted over. Bugger all!


David said...

The neighborhood rumor was a condo building was going to be built there, but it's looking unlikely.

The piano gallerie got busted by the city for not having a license, if I remember the posted notice correctly.

Anonymous said...

My car mechanic is not too far from there. He told me once he thinks the city is deliberately trying to push out all businesses on that block so they can seel to developers and make condos out of the ears.

I can't believe the Clark Furniture. My parents got their living room set from their in 2000. They used to have another location on Harlem.