Monday, November 19, 2007

In Search of Chicago

This is A Chicago Sojourn, a Chicago-based photography blog.

View of Chicago

And this is about the only Chicago skyline photo you'll see here.

You also won't find any photos of the bean sculpture in Millennium Park. No Sears Tower. No views from the John Hancock. No shots looking up the Chicago River toward the Wrigley Building. No interior shots of the grand hall in the Field Museum. None of Frank Ghery's titanium nonsense.

Inland Steel

In my years of visiting Chicago, I did all that and much more. As a resident of this city of millions, my interest has expanded beyond all that, to an endless cityscape filled with places wonderful and terrible, famous and forgotten

It's the forgotten parts that fascinate me.

Saint Joseph Hospital Dan Ryan Memorial Chapel

I've always gravitated to the forgotten: in St. Louis, in Milwaukee, everywhere I go. And so it is here.

What IS it?

This blog will be a casual document of my own discoveries, as I continue to branch out and delve deeper and deeper into the guts of Chicago. It will be photo-intensive. It will feature lots and lots of architecture. It will be relatively obscure. And hopefully, it will convey my own sense of wonder and amazement at the endless cityscape around me.

Kenmore Avenue, Chicago

I hope you'll come along for the journey.

Loyola University Chicago


Doug Duckworth said...

I await your opinion of Millennium Park.

Shawn Matson said...

someone with such knowledge and love of architecture and urban majesty should know that it's, "Cloud Gate" and certainly NOT "The Bean!"

Robert Powers said...

What it is is over-photographed. Reference: Chicago, a photo pool on Flickr. Go there now, and I promise you'll find someone posting a photo of the bean. It doesn't matter when now is; there'll be one. Or several.

So the point is: NO BEAN.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I stumbled across this via and I have reading/looking at it for hours now.