Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buildings of Humboldt Park

Humboldt Park -- between North and Division, a bit west of Western -- isn't really hidden, but it's easy to not really know about or visit. I paid it a visit by bicycle a while back. It's in a neighborhood that feels transitional -- old clans and residents still around, but starting to dwindle; newcomers with a bit more money to spare moving in to escape rising prices to the west. People fish in the lagoons, children run wild in the fenced play area, and a fantastic drum jam was going on when I passed through on a Saturday afternoon.

Humboldt Park lagoon

Three of the park's buildings are worthy of special note:

Humboldt Park stables

The old stables building is fairy tale architecture at its best. There are ten thousand photos hidden in those gables and red tiles. It's been under renovation for a long time; it suffered a fire years ago, but looks great today.

Humboldt Park bath house

The Tudor Gothic bathhouse faces an empty lagoon at present.

Humboldt Park pavillion

An open-air pavilion shows a Prairie School influence, echoed in a formal garden court nearby.

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Unknown said...

Humboldt is wonderful. I often chastise myself for not having spent more time there when I lived a couple of blocks from it, only to remember that I lived there during the dead of winter.

Thanks for the photos.