Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Chicago Sojourn is moving!

Another one of those meta posts, but an important one.

Blogger has instituted a new format for their post management system, or dashboard. And, to be blunt, I really hate it. It is awful. It makes writing posts far more difficult and aggravating than it used to be, and it actually damages the page layout in ways I am unable to repair. The unilateral way that this defective and under-tested system was rolled out, to me, speaks volumes about Blogger's attitude toward its user base, and indicates that future changes will be equally irresponsible and ill-considered. So I am doing what many people have suggested over the years, and moving to WordPress.

The new address for A Chicago Sojourn is:

I apologize to my readers for this. I know how annoying it is to have to reset URLs and bookmarks and RSS feeds. But Blogger has gone off the deep end, sacrificing usability for no apparent reason, except newness for newness's sake. On a technical level, I simply can't continue working with it.

The new site has all the old posts, all the comments, everything. And it's already got a month's worth of Monday morning posts ready to roll out. I'll see you there!

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