Monday, October 25, 2010

The coolest city hall ever!

I was just driving along one day, tooling along minding my own business, when up pops this crazy lookin' thing.


It's a lovely Prairie style building, with the unmistakable fingerprints of Frank Lloyd Wright's idiosyncratic style, the kind that outlasted him and can be seen scattered here and there in Wisconsin. And in fact, it turns out that it was designed by his son, Lloyd Wright, along with his son, Eric Lloyd Wright. (Thanks to Bright Lights, Dim Beauty for having that link handy.)


It's been the the city hall of Maine Township since 1983, but before that it was the Good Shepherd Community Church, begun in 1957 on land set aside by a suburban developer.


I couldn't get inside, of course, but I did manage a tantalizing glimpse through the rear (formerly the front) windows.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, this is funny. Upon looking at the first picture I thought it looked awesome but for some reason it did not seem the least but familiar, until my blog came up. Thanks for refreshing my memory!