Monday, September 27, 2010

2 Moderne houses in Wilmette

Below are a couple of Art Moderne houses in Wilmette that I stumbled upon in recent months. They're only a mile or so apart in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by more traditional houses.

Art Moderne is exactly what the name suggests - part Art Deco, part International Style, with some Streamline thrown in, yet not quite any of them. There's ornament, but it's more about abstract patterns and geometry than anything applied or figurative. Curved walls contrast with blocky massing, and focal points are provided by round windows, art glass, or glass block. The style tended to produce rare but lovely houses like these.

1910 Greenwood Avenue, Wilmette - Andrew Rebori, 1936



1708 Lake Avenue, Wilmette - John Burns House, 1937, Roy Walter Stott



See also - a student report from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, featuring a few additional houses of similar vintage and style in the area.

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Anonymous said...

senI grew up in this house, built for my family in 1937. modern style very embarrassing bringing new friends home as a teenager! Wish I owned it now. one owner restored all modern hardware, etc. inside. Although some interior remodeling changed original "colonial style" interior.
only the removal a screened in porch of living room and addition of kitchen/breakfast room seem to be small changes from original.