Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Photo Special: Greek Statues again

Wouldn't you know it? The very day the post on Midcentury Grecian statues goes up, I happen to make it back out to the O'Hare neighborhood, where the whole thing started. Here's a few closeups of the strange and intriguing chunks of statuary that inhabit the courtyards of this 1960s neighborhood.



Some are weathered, and some are well-loved and even decorated with flowers. Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was realizing that some of them had been painted.



Not all of these things are centrally placed. Some of them look like they were just stuck any old place.




But THIS one, by contrast... it not only occupies the focal point of its courtyard, but it was also meant to be lit up in blue, red, green and yellow beams of light. Brilliant! Brilliantly tacky, actually, but still brilliant. I simply must come back after dark.


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Omen X said...

Again I enjoyed your greek statues. I also have one of the goddess Aurora, if you'd like I can send you the photo. She weighs about 400 lbs and I have her to watch over my "Central Park" in chicago yard.