Sunday, September 28, 2008

Berwyn National Bank

After a while, you know the look -- the ancient boards, the removal of the surrounding plants, the fence. You look at a building, and you know... it's coming down. That was my impression upon seeing the old Berwyn National Bank this afternoon, out west on Cermak.

Berwyn National Bank

It didn't help that the rest of the block (known locally as "Superblock" for some reason) was vacant and covered with gravel, the mark of recent clearance.

Berwyn National Bank

And... gah! Look at that Coming Soon poster! Where's the old building? Are they planning to tear it down? How can they tear this down?! This is an outrage! I demand justice! I demand accountability! Have they no sense of history? No appreciation of fine art?! No interest in developing the sense of place that defines ---

....But where's the old building?!?

---oh, they're not tearing it down? Huh.

Sure enough, renovation plans are in the works for this monumental old bank building. Huzzah! It's a show stopper, and it'd be a terrible shame to lose it.

Berwyn National Bank

Security - Strength - Stability indeed. Long may they endure!

- Superblock Redevelopment Agreement Approved by Berwyn City Council
- Gaper's Block - Berwyn's Bank Building Battle

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Anonymous said...

A beautifully restored historic bank.... and beer? I don't think this can lose.