Sunday, June 8, 2008

Music Box Theatre II

I found a moment to stop in to the Music Box Theatre this weekend; the staff graciously allowed me to snap some photos between shows.

The lobby

The main lobby presages what you'll find within; its upper ceiling is dimly illuminated as if it were the sky at dusk.

Inner lobby

Past the doors is an inner lobby or lounge, tucked under the balcony. It's a cozy space, with a low ceiling and a few chairs where you can wait for your party. The lighting continues to dim.

On entering the theater, one's eyes struggle to adjust to the near total darkness.

The mood

The submersion into another world is now complete, particularly if the organ is being played. Slowly, details become visible in the darkness, and you realize what's around you.

Almost sinister

It takes a camera flash to show the profuse ornament of the place, so now I'll break the mood and share a few details from the main auditorium:

Sidewall ornament

Sidewall ornament

The organ

The darkened lighting allows the theater to pull a few fast ones. Microphones and wiring sit randomly around the stage, invisible to the audience. Some spots on the walls need paint or plaster repairs, but hey, who's gonna notice?

The theater is a lovely experience from start to finish, and I highly recommend catching a movie or three there.

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Chris said...

I saw a movie there one time called "The Good Old Naughty Days."